Ninaithen Vandhai

Ninaithen Vandhai


Ninaithen Vandhai
Directed by K.Selva Bharathy
Produced by Geetha Arts
Starring Vijay,
Charle, Manivannan
Music by Deva
Release date(s) 10 April 1998
Running time 165 min.
Language Tamil

Ninaithen Vandhai (English: I Thought of You, Then You Came) is a Tamil film released on 10 April 1998 and directed by K. Selva Bharathy. The film stars Vijay, Devayani, and Rambha. The music is scored by Deva. This is actor Vijay’s most important film in terms of making an impact in the Tamil film industry.Aris play an antagonist.The movie is the remake of the Telugu film “Pelli Sandadi” Starring Srikanth, Deepti Bhatnagar and Ravali directed by K. Raghavendra Rao .

Plot: Gokulen Krishnan (Vijay)is a music loving man who begins the movie with a dream where he sees his dream girl. The only Trademark he remembers from it is a mole on her stomach. He then becomes determined in looking for his ‘dream girl’ with the help of his uncle (Mannivannan) and brother in laws. On the other hand, his father arranges him to get married to a village girl Savithri (Devayani) which Gokulen (often referred to as ‘Mapillai’) objects to, but Savithri loves him. Goulen later sees his dream girl Swapna (Rambha) at a wedding. He then sings to her impressing her but she leaves abruptly. He later sees her at a music class which he teaches and from then on they love each other. Neither of them knew that they loved the same man. Gokulen tries to stop the marriage with Savithri in many failed attempts due to everyone in Savithri’s family getting the wrong impression. Swapna then arrives to Savithri’s village and is revealed that they are sisters. Gokulen then tells Savithri’s father that he doesn’t want the marriage which Swapna overhears. Knowing how much her sister loves him, Swapna is determined to get Gokulen to forget her by lying she has a blood clot in her heart. After much persuasion Gokulen agrees to marry Savithri. Throughout the movie Vignesh (Aris) is in love with Swapna and tries to get her to marry him and if not, he will kill her with him also. When Vignesh reveals after almost killing Savithri that he loved Swapna but she said she will only marry Gokulen, Savithri lets Swapna marry him.

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