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Youth is a 2002 Tamil movie starring Joseph Vijay and featuring Shaheen, Yugendran, Vivek, Manivannan, and Haneefa. Simran Bagga did a cameo appearance for a song. This movie was a remake of a Telugu film, Chiru Navvuto, released in 2000.[citation needed]


Directed by Vincent Selva
Produced by Ajaykumar
Written by Vincent Selva
Starring Vijay
Shaheen Khan
Cochin Haneefa
Sindhu Menon
Simran Bagga
Music by Mani Sharma
Cinematography Natarajan Subramaniam
Editing by V. T. Vijayan
Distributed by Lakshmi Productions
Release date(s) 19 July 2002
Running time 153 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

[edit] Plot

On his wedding day, Shiva (Vijay) discovers that his cousin and bride, Aruna, has run away because she does not want to marry a cook. But he takes it lightly and moves to Chennai with the girl’s brother (Shyam Ganesh) to look for a job. One night, he saves Sandya from some goons. In gratitude, she kisses him. Shiva starts to fall in love with Sandya. After several occasions where they bumped into each other, Shiva harbours hope that she too reciprocates his affections.

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However at Sandya’s birthday party, she announces her engagement to computer engineer, Pratap (Yugendran). Shiva is devastated at the news and leaves the room quietly. Sandya finds him standing alone at the swimming pool. She asks him about his impression of Pratap and is shocked when Shiva reveals to her that he loves her. Sandya declares that she only feels friendship towards him and tells him to stop loving her.

After receiving a telephone call, Shiva goes to the police station and finds Aruna. She had eloped to be with her lover. However, he later abandoned her and left her penniless. With no one to turn to, Aruna attempted suicide. Shiva takes her back home to take care of her. Aruna’s brother was still angry and calls up their parents. Shiva speaks up for Aruna and gets the family to forgive her. Before returning to the village, Aruna meets Pratap and discovers that Sandya’s fiance is actually the lover who abandoned her.

On the eve of Sandya’s wedding, she finally understands that she loves Shiva and tells her father (Manivannan) that she does not want to marry Pratap. Her father refuses to cancel the wedding and gives Shiva a cheque for 10 million to get the latter to leave Sandya. Sandya runs away on her wedding day to look for Shiva and confesses to him that she loves him too. She wants to elope with Shiva but he brings her back to the wedding venue.

Before the ceremony starts, he calls Pratap into a room and closes the door. When the door reopens, Shiva and Pratap had changed clothes. Shiva is now in the groom’s attire while Pratap is in ordinary clothes. Shiva marries Sandya in the end. On their wedding night, Shiva reveals to Sandya what happened between Pratap and him in the room.

[edit] Music

Music is composed by Mani Sharma. “All Thotta Boopathy” song was very famous. The song was played everywhere. Choreography also was well-praised.

Song Singer(s) Lyricist
“Old Model Laila” Tippu Vaali
“Adi One Inch Two” S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Sujatha Vaali
“Sagiyea Sagiyea” Hariharan, Harini Vairamuthu
“Sakkarai Nilavea” Harish Raghavendra Vairamuthu
“Santhosam Valkaiyin” S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Vairamuthu
“All Thotta Boopathy” Shankar Mahadevan Kabilan

[edit] References

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