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Thirupaachi is a 2005 Tamil action film written and directed by Perarasu. The film stars Vijay and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles, with Mallika, Livingston, Pasupathy, Benjamin, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vaiyapuri and Manoj K. Jayan in other roles. Chaya Singh made a guest appearance in a song. The film featured score composed by Dhina, and a soundtrack jointly composed by Dhina, Devi Sri Prasad, and Mani Sharma. It was released on 14 January 2005 and emerged one of the biggest commercial successes of the year.[1][2]. Vijay and Trisha paired for second time after Ghilli[3]

The story is about the upright lifestyle of Sivagiri and the affectionate bond he has with his sister. Sivagiri feels that a brother’s duty towards his sister does not end with her marriage. It was remade later in Telugu as Annavaram with Pawan Kalyan and Asin in the lead roles, directed by Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao.


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[edit] Plot

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Sivagiri (Joseph Vijay) is a blacksmith in a remote village near Thirupaachi. He has a lovable sister named Karpagam (Mallika). He runs into some hilarious incidents while searching locally for a groom for his sister. Sivagiri confides to his friend Kannapan that he wants his sister to be in a good city after her marriage. Sivagiri also nods his acceptance, when a city guy proposes to Karpagam. He accompanies the newly weds to Chennai. He finds a girl named Shuba (Trisha Krishnan) welcoming them, and they both fall in love.

On a trip to Chennai, Sivaguru rescues a court witness from Pattasu Balu (Pasupathy), a don dominating central Chennai. He also learns of a local don Panparag Ravi, who controls North Chennai, and who is troubling Karpagam’s husband’s canteen business. In an altercation in a cinema theater, Kannappan gets murdered by a thug named Saniyan Sagada (Kota Srinivasa Rao), who dominates South Chennai.

Then, after the funeral of Kannapan,he leaves his home town stating that he got a job in a cloth manufacturing company. But in reality he comes with a mission in Chennai.

Then,he warns Saniyan Sagadai stating that the latter too will be killed by him. He also calls the commissioner and warns him that he will kill all the thugs of Chennai as the police department fails in their duty. Later on, Sivagiri’s friend Veluchamy who is also an inspector, comes to know about this. Sivagiri challenges Veluchamy that he will give up his mission if the latter keeps any one thug of Chennai in jail at least for a single day. Veluchamy not only fails in his mission but also loses his son as he was killed by Pattasu Balu, the head of the thug who got arrested.

This harsh lesson makes Veluchamy to help Sivagivi. Thus, Veluchamy lists Sivagiri the entire mafia network of Chennai by providing the specification of who leads the various areas. Sivagiri in his mission decides first to kill Pattasu Balu. He goes and kills pattasu balu.

Then, one day, Shuba meets Sivagiri in a temple and finds that he is not working in any cloth manufacturing compnay. But still, Sivagiri manages to make Shuba believe that he is working in a travels company. Thus, Shuba gets a promise from Sivagiri that he should meet her and spend time with her quite frequently.

Later on, Sivagiri provokes Panparak Ravi to kill his own brother by sticking the funeral posters of Ravi and making him think that his brother is the person who is killing people all over Chennai. After the death of Ravi’s brother, Ravi hides himself in a politician’s house to be away and safe from the hands of police. That politician damages his own car and house by his henchmen and makes the police to believe that someone has attacked his house. Thus, the police decide to provide security for the politician. This makes Ravi feel happy, considering that Sivagiri can’t come to his place by fooling all these inspectors and kill him. Then, Sivagiri’s friend inspector Veluchamy finds diplomatically that Ravi is hiding in the politician’s place. Later on, Sivagiri states to a group of people, who lost their money to a financier, that the fraud financier is hiding in the politician’s place. This makes Sivagiri enter Ravi’s fort with a mass gang and later on Ravi gets killed by Sivagiri successfully.

Later on, Sivagiri decides to kill Saniyan Sagadai and successfully complete his mission. Thus, Sivagiri warns Sagadai. This makes Sagadai to seek the protection of a mass group of thugs from Chennai. Sivagiri uses this as a chance to destroy the entire mafia gang of Chennai. Thus, Sivagiri ignites a war between the police group and mafia gang in a very diplomatic manner. Sivagiri disguises himself as a police inspector and enters the fort of Sagadai. Veluchamy too helps Sivagiri in his mission. Finally Sivagiri destroys the entire mafia gang of Chennai along with the Chennai police inspectors before the birth of a new year. Then, Sivagiri surrenders in police and later on he gets released after 6 months. Shuba welcomes Sivagiri, his sister and his sister’s husband once again after returning home.

[edit] Cast and crew

[edit] Cast

  • Vijay as Sivagiri
  • Trisha Krishnan as Subha
  • Mallika as Karpagam
  • Livingston as Police Inspector Inba Raghavan
  • Manoj K. Jayan as Assistant Commissioner Rajguru
  • Pasupathy as Patasu Balu
  • Benjamin as Kanappan
  • Kota Srinivasa Rao as Saniyan Sagadai
  • Vaiyapuri as Police Constable
  • Chaya Singh in a cameo as Kumbida Pona Deivam


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  • Director: Perarasu
  • Writer: Perarasu
  • Dialogues: Perarasu
  • Screenplay: Perarasu
  • Producer: R. B. Choudary
  • Banner: Super Good Films
  • Music director: Dhina, Mani Sharma, Devi Sri Prasad
  • Cinematographer: V. Jaishankar
  • Art: M. Prabhakar
  • Stunts: Rocky Rajesh
  • Choreographers: Raju Sundaram, Kalyan, Siva Shankar, Shopi Pawlraj
  • Computer graphics: M. Arunmoorthy
  • Lyricist: Perarasu

[edit] Awards

  • Tamil Nadu State Film Special Award for Best Actor – Vijay

[edit] Box office

The film was released during pongal on 14th January 2005, and had a very good response among the Tamil audience. It ran for 200 days in the screens of Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. This film was also one of the biggest hit among Vijay’s films. And this film collected above 50 crores overall.

[edit] Soundtrack

Soundtrack album by Dhina
Mani Sharma
Devi Sri Prasad
ReleasedDecember 200aaaaa4
GenreFeature film soundtrack

The soundtrack has seven songs, with five songs composed by Dhina, one by Mani Sharma, and one by Devi Sri Prasad.

SongArtist(s)PicturizationLengthLyricsMusic director
“Kattu Kattu”Manikka Vinayagam, SumangaliVijay, Trisha5:12PerarasuDevi Sri Prasad
“Kannum Kannumthan”Harish Raghavendra, Uma RamananVijay, Trisha5:56Mani Sharma
“Appan Panna”Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Anuradha SriramVijay, Trisha4:48Dhina
“Nee Entha Ooru”TippuVijay4:48
“Kumbida Pona Deivam”Shankar Mahadevan, MalathiVijay, Chaya Singh, Trisha4:12
“Enna Thavam”Dhina, SwarnalathaVijay, Mallika2:15
“Avichu Vecha”Manikka VinayagamVijay, Mallika1:11

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