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Thenali (2000) Tamil Movie, Thenali FullMovie, Watch Thenali Movie Online, Thenali HQ , Thenali DVD, Download Thenali

Thenali (2000) Tamil Movie, Thenali FullMovie, Watch Thenali Movie Online, Thenali HQ , Thenali DVD, Download Thenali
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Watch Thenali (2000) Tamil Movie Online

Watch Thenali (2000) Tamil Movie Online

Thenali (2000) Tamil Movie, Thenali FullMovie, Watch Thenali Movie Online, Thenali HQ , Thenali DVD, Download Thenali


Thenali is a 2000 Tamil feature film directed and produced by K. S. Ravikumar and written by Crazy Mohan. The film featured Kamal Haasan playing the title role, and also starred Jayaram, Devayani and Jyothika. The film's music was composed by A. R. Rahman, whilst cinematography was handled by Priyan. The film opened to positive reviews from critics and was a profitable venture at the box office.

Thenali (Kamal Hassan) is a man who fears anything and everything due to his earlier life in Sri Lanka. Dr. Panchabhootham (Delhi Ganesh) and his assistant (Ramesh Khanna), who are the doctors treating Thenali, are jealous of a relatively junior doctor Dr. Kailash (Jayaram) getting all the media attention. They decide to derail Dr. Kailash's success by sending Thenali over to him. Soon after their first appointment, Dr. Kailash heads to his home in Kodaikanal on a vacation with his wife Jalaja (Devayani) and his two children. Dr. Kailash tells Thenali to wait until after the vacation before his therapy can begin, but Panchabhootham asks for Thenali to go meet Kailash while on vacation.
The expected happens. Thenali falls in love with Janaki (Jyothika), the younger sister of Dr. Kailash, which was vehemently opposed by the latter. The whole film is about how Dr. Kailash goes mad with the antics of Thenali and even begins to suspect that his wife has an affair with Thenali, as she has a soft corner for the latter. He even tries to kill Thenali by tying him to a tree with a time bomb, which Thenali (not knowing it is a bomb) removes and puts it in the doctor's house, causing it to explode and Dr. Kailash, seeing this, suffers a paralytic attack.
Eventually, Thenali marries Janaki and cures Dr. Kailash through shock treatment by bringing Meena, B. H. Abdul Hameed and K. S. Ravikumar and makes Meena act as his Sri Lankan wife.


Kamal Hassan as Thenali Soman
Jayaram as Dr. Kailash
Devayani as Jalaja
Jyothika as Janaki
Ramesh Khanna
Madhan Bob as Diamond Babu
Delhi Ganesh as Panchabootham
Meena as herself
B. H. Abdul Hameed as himself
K. S. Ravikumar as himself


Kamal Haasan approached K. S. Ravikumar to make the film after the success of the director's Padayappa featuring Rajinikanth and the film took four months to be scripted by K. S. Ravikumar, Kamal Haasan and Crazy Mohan.The story of the film was partly inspired by the 1991 Hollywood movie What About Bob? directed by Frank Oz. Mohanlal was the initial choice to play Kailash and actress Simran was the original choice for the role of Janaki, but Jayaram and Jyothika later took the roles. Actress Meena was signed on by the producers to appear in a guest role. The film was launched at the Kalaivanar Arangam in Chennai on March 22, 2000 with Y. Gee. Mahendra as compere and with Rajinikanth as chief guest.
Kamal Haasan played a Sri Lankan Tamil in the film and to get the accent right, he took lessons from prominent television host, Abdul Hameed. Scenes were shot predominantly in Ooty, while some song sequences were shot in New Zealand.

Directed by	K. S. Ravikumar
Produced by	R. Karpagam
Written by	Crazy Mohan
Starring	Kamal Haasan
Jyothika Saravanan
Music by	A.R. Rahman
Cinematography	Priyan
Editing by	K. Thanigachalam
Studio	R. K. Celluloids
Release date(s)	October 26, 2000
Country	 India
Language	Tamil

Thenali (2000) Tamil Movie, Thenali FullMovie, Watch Thenali Movie Online, Thenali HQ , Thenali DVD, Download Thenali

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