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Pammal K Sambhadham (2002) Tamil Movie, Pammal K Sambhadham Full Movie, Watch Pammal K Sambhadham Movie Online, Pammal K Sambhadham HQ , Pammal K Sambhadham DVD, Download Pammal K Sambhadham, Watch Pammal K Sambhadham Film Free

Pammal K Sambhadham (2002) Tamil Movie, Pammal K Sambhadham Full Movie, Watch Pammal K Sambhadham Movie Online, Pammal K Sambhadham HQ , Pammal K Sambhadham DVD, Download Pammal K Sambhadham, Watch Pammal K Sambhadham Film Free

Watch Pammal K Sambhadham (2002) Tamil Movie Online

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Watch Pammal K Sambhadham (2002) Tamil Movie Online

Pammal K Sambhadham (2002) Tamil Movie, Pammal K Sambhadham Full Movie, Watch Pammal K Sambhadham Movie Online, Pammal K Sambhadham HQ , Pammal K Sambhadham DVD, Download Pammal K Sambhadham, Watch Pammal K Sambhadham Film Free

Pammal K. Sambandam  is a 2002 Tamil comedy film directed by Moulee and scripted by Crazy Mohan. The film is loosely inspired from the Hollywood film The Bachelor. The film features Kamal Haasan in the title role alongsideSimran with Abbas and Sneha in primary supporting roles. The film was produced by P. L. Thenappan under Media Dreams, whileDeva composed the soundtrack for the film. The film opened to mixed reviews at the box office and proceeded to have an successfully run commercially.

Directed byMoulee
Produced byP. L. Thenappan
Written byCrazy Mohan
StarringKamal Haasan
Ramesh Khanna
Santhana Bharathi
Music byDeva
CinematographyArthur A. Wilson
S. Saravanan
Editing byM. Kasi Vishwanathan
StudioMedia Dreams
Release date(s)January 14, 2002
Running time150 minutes


When stuntman Sambandham (Kamal Haasan) and Dr. Janaki (Simran) come across each other at his brother Anand’s (Abbas) and her best friend Malathi’s (Sneha) hastily planned wedding ceremony, they instantly develop a dislike for each other. They both have a very low opinion of the opposite sex, and staunchly believe marriage is not the way to go for the two newlyweds, whom they try to discourage from proceeding further.

Janaki convinces Malathi to test out her theory that men are after only one thing, by forcing Anand to delay their marriage vows for three months. She is sure, Anand will not be able to do so and this will prove to Malathi that Anand is just another low-class male, like all others, and her claims of him being different than most men are unfounded. Sambandham, upon hearing about this new development, tries to do the exact opposite. This results in a hilarious scene at a local disco bar, where Sambandham lures Malathi with the hope of her finding Anand with a “girlfriend” that he has planted in the lap of Anand in order to make Malathi jealous. The plan backfires and Malathi and Anand end up in divorce court where the judge puts them on a three month probation and marriage counselling.

Later, Janaki is given a watch pendant by her aunt to wear as a good luck charm. The pendant hangs from a bracelet on her wrist. Sambandham gets seriously hurt in an accident at work and is brought for emergency surgery to the hospital where Janaki works. Much to each other’s irritation, Janaki is given the charge to perform surgery on Sambandham. After the surgery, while looking at the X-rays, she is horrified to discover that the watch on her wrist has accidentally ended up in Sambandham’s stomach.

Janaki tries various ways of getting the watch out. During one such process, which fails, it becomes clear that Janaki is bitter about her perceived unfaithfulness of the two most prominent men from her childhood: her divorced father and her elder sister’s ex-husband. By this time, Sambandham begins to fall in love with Janaki and gets engaged to her. After the engagement, Janaki is successful in removing the watch from Sambandham’s stomach. Following the surgery, Janaki calls off the engagement and Sambandham leaves with a heavy heart.

Several days later, he accepts an arranged marriage proposal from a female weightlifter in an attempt to forget about Janaki. Upon realizing her mistake, Janaki helps Anand and Malathi reconcile and decides to confess her love for Sambandham at the wedding ceremony. However, the weightlifter is not interested to marry Sambandham and wants to elope with her boyfriend. Sambandham helps them elope in a hilarious chase where the weightlifter’s father (Manivannan) and Sambandham’s uncle (Santhana Bharathi) chase the trio to a police station where the weightlifter and her boyfriend marry. Janaki too arrives at the police station and finally confesses her love for Sambandham.

Pammal K Sambhadham (2002) Tamil Movie, Pammal K Sambhadham Full Movie, Watch Pammal K Sambhadham Movie Online, Pammal K Sambhadham HQ , Pammal K Sambhadham DVD, Download Pammal K Sambhadham, Watch Pammal K Sambhadham Film Free

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