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Citizen, a superhit movie starring Ajithkumar, Vasundhara Das, Meena and others in the cast. This movie is of a different clan which showcases the acting ski…Citizen Tamil Movie Full

A district collector, a judge, and a police official are all kidnapped in broad daylight. The kidnapper cocking-a-snook at the establishment, calling himself ‘Citizen’ and appearing in different disguises to get at his targets. C.B.I. officer Sarojini (Nagma) finally traces the common factor among the kidnapped trio to the fictional hamlet of Athippatti, consisting of fishermen. But to her surprise both the village and its 690 odd inhabitants seemed to have been wiped away from the face of the official gazette maps. The diggings tell a story of a mass massacre that must have taken place about a couple of decades back. ‘Citizen’ is finally apprehended. He comes out with his story of the gory happenings at Athippatti and how he, as a little boy, had been the sole survivor of the nightmare that gripped the village that day from the map of India, twenty years back. The entire village was wiped off including women and children by the three kidnapped officials because of their greed for power and money. Ajith wants the citizenship of the three government officials revoked including their families as a punishment for their atrocities to the inhabitants of Athippatti.


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Citizen 2001 Tamil Movie Watch Online Informations

Director : Saravana Subaiya
Release Date : December 2001
Genre : Action
Cast : Ajith, Vasundhara Das, Devan, Cochin Hanifa, Meena, Nagma, Nizhalgal

Citizen 2001 Tamil Movie Watch Online Full Movie

Title: Citizen Tamil Movie Full

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